About us

Taxi in Kirkenes since 1946

About us

Kirkenes Taxi AS is a taxi central in Kirkenes co-owned by all taxiowners in Kirkenes. We have 10 ordinary taxis and 4 maxitaxis. We’re offering transportatin in spacious stationwagens, and maxitaxis up to 16 seats. We also have maxitaxis equipped to drive electric wheelchairs. We drive patients, school children, taxi for bus, Flexx, airport shuttles and tours to lookout points and interesting locations with tourists.

Todays company Kirkenes Taxi was founded in 2007, but it’s predecessor has been around since 1946. We are about 25 drivers, manager and office staff employed at the central. We’re open 24/7, all year long. Our recently renovated central is located in the middle of Kirkenes center.

Our cars is equipped with taxameter, bank terminal and dispatch software from CenCom. We are connected to Oslo Taxi call center, and from there the booked tours is sent directly to the nearest taxi in Kirkenes.