Taxi and more


We’re offering transportation in a safe and comfortable manner, with our 10 taxis. All of our drivers have a taxi permit and certificate of good conduct, and all of our cars are regularly checked to give you a safe and comfortable ride with us.


We’re offering tours to landmarks and lookout-points in the area. Read more in our brochure.


We’re offering minibuses with up to 16 seats. We have 4 minibuses available, with 7-16 seats capacity. Contact us for a good offer.


Do you need transportation with an electric wheelchair? We have 2 minibuses available with a ramp, so you can drive safely and comfortably straight into the bus.


We’re offering rides to school for children who lives where no bus is available and for children with special needs. We take the responsibility seriously, and make sure they get a safe and comfortable ride to and from school every day.

Patient transportation

We drive patients to and from their medical treatment. Patients have very different needs for extra assistanse, from someone suffering with a broken leg, to woman about to give birth to a baby. This is a task we take seriously, and all of our drivers have training in first aid, and training to use a heart defibrillator.


We delivers packages for you, and make sure they arrive at the correct place and time. When ordering, please inform us before the tour starts, because we need to change the tax rates since it´s different then for driving people.